Current: DeathClan
Past: Rogue
Age: 29 Moons
Leader: Thorn
Learner: Red

 Thorn is a broad-shouldered, muscular dark brown tabby tom with bright green eyes and a torn ear. He is the current leader of DeathClan.

Trivia Edit

  • Thorn is the first leader and creator of DeathClan.
  • He wasn't really cared about until he made DeathClan.
  • He is rethinking if Scorch should be deputy any more.
  • Naturally, fighting is what Thorn is good at.
  • He thinks it's 'mentally' too much for him to have a mate and kits.

History Edit

Thorn was born as a rogue to cats who didn't really care for him. When they noticed him, it was either to feed him or teach him to fight. So, naturally, fighting is what Thorn is best at. When he grew up, he gathered rogues who admired his strength and soon acquired ambition to become greater.

Leadership Edit

Leader of:


Leader Before:


Leader After:


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