Snowy-Scorch Relationship
Snowy - Scorch
General Information
Nickname: Snorchy
Intimacy Level: Clanmates
Former Mates

The Snowy-Scorch Relationship is the love relationship between Snowy and Scorch.


  • It seems as they were never really in love because Scorch has forgotten about Snowy and their kits very quickly after he met Lily.
    • It could be because they rushed into becoming mates and having kits and were never really friends to begin with.
    • He might've also wanted to forget about them cause they caused his stress of being leader and having a family to take care of.
  • It is unknown if they will ever meet again.
  • It took until Lily was expecting her second litter of kits with Scorch that he finally told her about Snowy and their sons.

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