Sky-Night Relationship
Sky - Night
General Information
Nickname: Skight
Intimacy Level: Sisters

The Sky-Night Relationship is the relationship between Sky and Night.


  • Their parents are Scorch and Lily.
  • Their hate for eachother began when Night found out Sky had killed Lily.
    • Night then exposed it to the clan many moons later.
  • Sky had become evil and killed her mother after being rejected and hated by Berryfall.
    • She then became nicer when she met Tiger because he didn't hate her and actually loved her unlike Berryfall.
  • Night is named after her step-aunt and step-grandfather as it is a tradition in their family that at least one cat from each generation is called Night.
    • Usually it's the kit of the former Night, but Night had died before she was able to have kits, therefore Lily named her kit Night.
      • It might be the same situation with Night as she is a healer and healer's can't have mates or kits and she has plenty of siblings who can or have kits.

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