Scorch-Lily Relationship
Scorch - Lily
General Information
Nickname: Scorly
Intimacy Level: Clanmates
Former Mates; Separated by death

The Scorch-Lily Relationship is the love relationship between Scorch and Lily.


  • The two became close after finding out about Thorn leading Night on and both disagreeing about it.
  • Lily only found out about Scorch having a mate and kits before her when he accidently said that it wasn't as exciting having more kits because it was his third yet Lily only had two with him.
  • When Lily died Scorch became his old closed off self and became much more grouchy and whiny.
    • This is when he began hating Sky along with Night_(G3).
      • He also neglected Sky's kits because one of them looked like Lily.
    • He is unlikely to get another mate again because he is quite old and his love for Lily is strong.
    • Yet he reacted less when he left his first mate.
      • This might be because Lily had died while Snowy lived and also the fact that their own daughter had killed Lily.
      • It could also be because Scorch might have been able to see his first mate again one day, but Lily had died and wouldn't be seen by Scorch until he too died.
  • They continued the tradition of naming a cat Night, by naming their daughter after Lily's step-sister, Night.

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