A leader is a cat who leads the clan. They make most important decisions, hold ceremonies to celebrate something happening, they hold vigils for those who have died, and much more.

There has been a long line of leaders of DuskClan, and here is the history of the leaders of DuskClan.

First Leaders Edit

The first leader of DuskClan was a tom called Duskclaw. He was once apart of a clan called WindClan, which he thought was weak and useless. He left as a warrior and gathered cats who wondered nearby the clan's territories, and made DuskClan. Duskclaw, now Duskstar, and his warriors travelled far to another forest where they set their camp. Although they travelled far, WindClan had found them when Duskstar was on his last life and a war broke out. Duskstar had died, but DuskClan had won and were never bothered by the old clans again. The camp place is the same to his day, with some adjustments to make it more secure and safer.

List of Leaders of DuskClan Edit


First leader of DuskClan, created DuskClan. Killed in battle against WindClan.


Second leader of DuskClan, revenged Duskstar by killing many WindClan cats. Died from unknown disease (the less evolved version of the horrible disease that started many moons later).


Third leader of DuskClan, first she-cat leader of the clan. Cloverstar is ancestor of Mosslight. Killed by rogues.


Fourth leader of DuskClan, avenged Cloverstar by destroying the rogue's camp. Died from old age.


Fifth leader of DuskClan, second youngest to become leader. She led with much power that at this time, no one dared to touch DuskClan. Died from blood loss from giving birth.


Sixth leader of DuskClan, led foolishly, apprenticing kits too young and causing unnecessary bloodshed. This wore out warriors, making DuskClan an easy target to attack. Killed from evolved version of disease that killed Brackenstar.


Seventh leader of DuskClan, redeemed DuskClan from its foolishness from their former leader, making DuskClan a great clan again. Killed by deputy, who was driven out by Leafstar.


Eighth leader of DuskClan, made Jaggedstar deputy even though he hadn't had an apprentice yet for unknown reasons. Died from the disease that killed leaders before her, and was the last one to die from it.


Current leader of DuskClan, youngest known leader and has all lives left.

List of Leaders of DeathClan Edit


First known leader of DeathClan. He currently has seven lives.

List of Leaders of DawnClan Edit


First known leader of DawnClan. It is assumed she isn't the very first, but it's unknown who was before her, if anyone was. She currently has six lives.

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