D Trinity
General Information
Habitat: Forest
Founded by: Duskstar
Rank Information
Current Leader: Jaggedstar
Current Deputy: Unknown
Current Medicine Cat: Unknown

DuskClan is one of the three clans. It is led by Jaggedstar and is a clan full of loyal, strong, hard-working warriors.

History Edit

Long ago Duskstar, the first leader and creator of DuskClan, was apart of a weak clan called WindClan. He left WindClan and travelled far, with the company of rogues he had befriended, to a new place where they set up DuskClan camp. DuskClan was found by WindClan and attacked. Unfortunately for Duskstar, he was on his last life at this time. He had been killed, and just when WindClan thought they had won, in came the new DuskClan leader, slaughtering many WindClan cats. DuskClan was never bothered by WindClan again, and only bothered by unwanted visitors or rogues.

History of Ranks Edit

DuskClan Leaders
Name Death Preceeded By Succeeded By
Duskstar Killed in battle against WindClan. - Brackenstar
Brackenstar Died from unknown disease. Duskstar Cloverstar
Cloverstar Killed by rogues. Brackenstar Waterstar
Waterstar Died from old age. Cloverstar Featherstar
Featherstar Died from blood loss after birth. Waterstar


Redstar Died from deadlier version of unknown disease. Featherstar Larkstar
Larkstar Killed by deputy that was driven out of clan by Leafstar. Redstar Leafstar
Leafstar Died from deadly version of unknown disease; last to die from it.



Jaggedstar - Leafstar -
DuskClan Deputies
Name Death

Preceded By

Succeeded By
Jaggedfang - - Pastlight
Pastlight Retired from rank Jaggedfang Pondcloud
Pondcloud Unknown death Pastlight Unknown
DuskClan Medicine Cats



Preceeded By

Succeeded By


Unknown death




Unknown death



Cats oDuskClanEdit


Jaggedstar - A grey tom who's front left and back right paws are white. Has pale blue eyes with a tint of purple.


None Currently

Medicine Cat

None currently

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Cheetahpaw - Bright cream with white underbelly, socks and tail tip and brown sports and ears with green eyes.

Senior Warriors

Shadowheart - Muscular dark grey tabby tom with a white muzzle, underbelly and paws. Has ice-blue eyes.


Berryfall - Ginger-and-cream patched tom with vivid amber eyes.

Snowstep - A pretty pure white she-cat with one blue eye and one orange eye. She has a deep scar on her ear, but it's concealed by her fur.

Marblefeather - A dark brown tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes.


Spottedmeadow - Dark brown she-cat with white paws. (Mother of Rye's kits; Drykit, Blossomkit and Streamkit.)

Duskflower - She-cat with icy blue eyes, black paws, a black tail tip and white ear tips. (Foster mother of Spottedkit.)


Drykit - A light golden tabby tom.

Blossomkit - A ginger, brown and white she-cat.

Streamkit - A light blue tabby she-cat with a white tail tip.

Gorgekit - Silver tom with grey paws, tail tip and muzzle with blue eyes.

Tigerkit - Brown tom with grey stripes.

Stormkit - Grey and silver she-cat.

Spottedkit - Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Deceased Cats of DuskClan Edit


None currently


Pondcloud - Dark blue tabby tom with a white tail tip and blue eyes.

Medicine Cats

Puddledrop - A brown mottled tom with green eyes and white paws.

Fallenrain - Silver Egyptian Mau she-cat with black paws and vivid violet eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentices

Honeypaw - A pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes and a brown tail tip.


Rowanfoot - Ginger-and-grey tom with blue eyes.

Featherpelt - Silver-and-white she-cat with purple eyes.

Tundra - White she-cat with amber eyes and flame coloured paw as well as tail tip.




Sunsetswish - Silver she-cat with a white underbelly, paws and tail-tip. Also has black and orange stripes and splotches and bright blue eyes.

Flowerwing - Dark grey and ginger bengal she-cat.


Sunkit - Brown she-cat with grey spots.

Brightkit - Cream and ginger tom. Heatherkit - A brown tabby she-cat.


Stumpfoot - Black tom with a missing paw; has yellow-green eyes.

Jayclaw - A brown tabby warrrior with a hint of grey in his fur.